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60% perhydrol for reservoirs

2,100 ₽ 4,100 ₽

Hydrogen peroxide or Perhydrol is the simplest representative of peroxides. This substance H2O2 is a colorless liquid. Hydrogen peroxide is highly soluble in water and has no obvious odor. Technical hydrogen peroxide is a peroxide in its concentration above 37%. In our store it is presented in a concentration of 60%. GOST 301-02-205-99, according to TU 2123-002-25665344-2008.
First of all, perhydrol is a disinfectant, so recently it has been actively used for disinfection of swimming pools and reservoirs. Very well removes greens (active flowering) in water without chlorine and odor. In addition to water, when added to water, it disinfects the soil, stones.
When used, it must first remove all living creatures from the reservoir.

You can buy 60% Perhydrol with free delivery in Moscow and not expensive delivery in the Moscow region in our store in cans of 10L/12kg; 20L/24kg.; 30L/37kg.