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About us

We have been working on the market of" clean pools " for some time and are already distinguished by the fact that we select only high-quality and not diluted perhydrol (hydrogen peroxide) for our customers, (We have exactly 37% and 60%, this can be seen from the prices, if the prices are lower than ours, then they sell you either 25%-30% or 45% - 50%.)

High-quality concentrate can not be cheap because it has special storage and transportation conditions. Pay attention to the quality of printing on cans. We glue instructions on each canister with information on how to use a specific type of hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the pool, and this in turn allows you to achieve high quality cleaning of your pool.

Peroxide for the pool perfectly copes with any biological contamination.

We cooperate with both large customers and retail ones. Free delivery in Moscow within the MKAD and inexpensive in the Moscow region.


If you want to buy perhydrol in Moscow at retail , you have come to the right place!

Call +7 495 128-17-38 or make an order from the website and we will deliver you a high-quality perhydrol either to your home or to the dacha.